Monday, 12 December 2011

Oppressio Civitatis No.1

This is my first photograph in the symbolic impressionist series 'Oppressio Civitatis' This refers to the oppression of the city. It is an impression of the urban-industrialized reality now that most of us live in. There is a beauty and benefit in this material progress and a cost or many costs to pay. If we take all form, objects, colours and shades to possess both meaning in themselves and in a specific context, then every photograph can make some impression and statement about its place in a given environment and historical period.
This photograph has been composed to allude to a form of imprisonment or prevention but of course it as at the same time a protection and serves a function, it looks over both that which is built and that which runs freely, interestingly this is an artificial waterway, i.e. a man made canal.

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